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Responding to our customer's needs, we offer complete home and business cleanout services and, yes, that includes hoarder homes.

Removal of debris and non-sellable items; deep or light cleaning; and some minor repairs are part of our services. Most homes and business properties must be turned over to a new owner in "broom clean" condition which means everything off the floors and walls, everything out of the garage, closets, sheds, attics, basements. Also, no scrap lumber in the rafters, no household hazardous materials including cans of paint and stains, automotive fluids, garden chemicals, etc. In other words, no owner possessions, big or small, are to be left behind. Attempting to sell a home that is not in broom clean aka, in "AS-IS" condition, sends these messages:

1) There is something wrong with the house.

2) There WILL be something wrong with the house very soon.

3) The home has been neglected for a long period of time.

4) Buyers should offer substantially less than the asking price because of what they see.  


Even if your home will be purchased as a "tear-down" someone has to pay for the removal of items inside the home. The contents left behind just can't be plowed into the earth. That cost will be considered in the offer made to the seller.  

Why are we different than having others who call a cleanout a "bag and pitch" party? Because we know what NOT to throw out!

Anything we find of value is contracted for sale

Recognizing value is our business, we look to sell items we find of value so you can rest assured we are not going to throw anything away we can sell. This comes back to you as a true benefit as the sales results may surpass or defray our cleanout costs! Remember, the items we find remain your property - we just sell them for you. 

Realtors and attorneys love our service because it helps sell homes and close estates faster. Executors who live out of the area find us crucial because they can manage the estate from their home knowing we are on the job. Plus, all can rely on us because we are a local company that thrives on referrals. Having a problem-free final walk-thru by a new owner pays "peace of mind" dividends at the closing table where it really counts!


Two Companies in One

1) We are an estate sale company that has been selling estates since 1990. That is 31 years of experience knowing what has value and what does not.

2) A cleaning company which employs cleaners with over 25 years of experience. Plus, we can arrange at competitive rates additional services for carpet cleaning, landscaping, heavy window washing, and/or large refuse removal (Inoperable vehicles, heavy equipment, etc.)

3) A strong cleanout company that can tackle big items such as attics, garages and crawl spaces; appliance removal; and even paint and most household chemical removal.

Rates are based on two employees per hour. Our fee is $55.00 per hour per two employees. All supplies needed are included at no extra charge. Nearly all cleanouts require at least one dumpster. Those are billed to you from us at our cost with no mark-ups. Standard size dumpsters come in 10, 20 and 30 cubic yard sizes. Jobs requiring carpet cleaning, landscaping, plumbing and electrical can be handled with no problem, also. 


What You Can Do First

FREEZE! Call us before you start disposing of things or giving away anything... to anybody.

As much as you may want to dig in and start throwing things out, it pays to make an appointment with us first. Doing so can save or make you money, not only in sales revenue but in reduced cleanout hours. 

It takes longer for us to do a cleanout when items are pulled out of cabinets, crawl spaces, closets, etc., and put into boxes on the floor or into rooms we need to work in. Moving things from shelves means double handling which translates into more hours needed by us.  

         Here are some points to remember when considering options and making comparisons

1) We are NOT a franchise company. We are a sole proprietor company that’s been serving northern Illinois since 1990. In fact, owner John Prigge is personally on-site during the selection process of your cleanout and makes a final inspection before completion.

2) Items that are not sales worthy but may be eligible for donation can be handled by us, also. Receipts to owners are provided for tax purposes. Your greatest benefit? Fewer items in the dumpster greatly reduces the need for additional dumpsters. 

3) Under client approval, we can on-site shred identity theft sensitive documents found at the cleanout location. This eliminates the worry of where obsolete, yet, private tax and bank statements, medical records, and work-related files eventually end up.

4) We can e-mail and text you in-progress photos to keep you visually informed of our work. This is a great service for out-of-town family members who need to know how things are going.

5) We do not use your home as a billboard for future business by planting our signs in your yard, drape our company banners over dumpsters or wear t-shirts with our name painted on them. We respect your privacy and know there are times when you do not want the whole neighborhood knowing exactly what we are doing for you.  

6) Where practical, we avoid keeping dumpsters on your property longer than they need to be.

7) Simply, we're cheaper than the franchise junk removal companies you always see advertised. How can that be?

First, we break down everything we can and pack, not fill, a dumpster. A well-packed dumpster can cut down your need for multiple dumpsters. 

Second, our cost for a 30-yd. dumpster is approximately $475. (Rate varies by disposal company) The junk removal trucks only carry a 15-yd. dumpster on board and charge $498 to fill it with a load of normal household and garage contents.

The comparison: It costs $996 and two trips to fill what we are charged $475 for.

Reminder, the franchise companies make their money by the load of items removed no matter how poorly their truck is packed. Instead, we do something the franchise companies do not do - we collapse non-sellable items into about 10% of their original size. That leaves more space in your dumpster efficiently.   


Don't Worry... We Have Seen It All and Can Do It All.

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