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Owner John Prigge is an experienced and entertaining speaker who is available to speak to your organization, group or school on a variety of topics and experiences. All programs can be customized to any audience and time frame.
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"Who Gets What?"

If you have ever been faced with the responsibility of disbursing items from a loved one who has moved or passed away, you know it can be an emotional time. Not only for you but for others close to you. This presentation is valuable to estate professionals and their support staff, will executors and friends who care for others who may be leaving their home.

This program gives you tips and suggestions on questions like:

  • Who is entitled to get something?
  • Who should get valuables and why?
  • What is too valuable to give away?
  • How can I tell when someone is genuine?
  • How can I do this without hurting someone's feelings?
  • How can I make this a "win-win" for everyone?
  • What are my real responsibilities?

Included in the presentation are actual experiences we have had on this subject. Some are funny. Some are sad. You will enjoy John's "Russian Ferret Store Theory" example revealing a side of human nature often seen but hardly ever admitted to.


"But...I'm Afraid To Bid!"

You can do this.

If you have always wondered how people buy at auctions or if you are planning on attending an important auction and want to fit right in, this program is for you! This presentation puts the gavel down on the fear people have when it comes to attending auctions. It also equips you with some behind-the-scenes tips that can set you apart from any other bidder - at any auction. Remember, there is nothing to be afraid of! A wonderful presentation for new antique and collectible collectors, estate professionals and those who organize fundraising auctions. afterwards, attendees find themselves saying, "Well, I can do THAT!" 

Topics include:

  • How to understand the auctioneer within 30 seconds.
  • Knowing how the terms and conditions can affect you.
  • Using bidder's psychology and recognize when it's being used against you.
  • Knowing what an auctioneer can and cannot say during an auction.
  • Knowing the Federal laws that apply to every auction.
  • How to bid so you get more winning bids.
  • Finding the really good auctions.

There will even be a mock auction where you can apply what you learned. Entertaining and informative with a sprinkling of little-known, behind-the-scene facts about the auction industry, this program will give you auction fever!

You will NOT hear John auction like this:


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